Clarice Ardi came to the event in different shoes

Clarice Ardi came to the event in different shoes In a curious situation came the Minister of planning of Chile Clarice Ardi. She is at a formal event shoes in different colors: one was pink and the other green, the site says .The Minister noticed his mistake only by journalists. "Although I run a Ministry of planning, this time it was an unplanned situation," she joked. Ardi explained that she had early to get out of the house while it was still dark. Source: Clarice Ardi came to the event in different shoes (photo). . Читать полностью -->

Stars before and after plastic surgery

Stars before and after plastic surgery Nothing human not alien stars, and the number of fans does not add confidence in their own perfection.The last refuge of celebrities remains the surgeon and his sharp scalpel. About the risks and results of the struggle for beauty tells the publication TMZ.American singer and actor Kenny Rogers pretty younger for the past 10 years. Of course, in the guise of country music musician became less rustic, but he seemed to be throwing off a good part of my life. The face does not seem so swollen and red, smoothed wrinkles and even unchanged beard looks well-groomed, almost like a goatee.Between two photos of Donatella Versace ran 15 years of life and, presumably, a round dozen plastic surgeries. Of course, her Breasts became much more attractive due to silicone additives, but the reverse effect. Pumped full of silicone lips look ugly and make even more harsh lines stretching from the corners of the mouth to the nose of the star.10 years ago the actress Kathy Griffin looked equally comical and outrageous. Читать полностью -->

Paris Hilton had a wild night in a lesbian bar

Paris Hilton had a wild night in a lesbian barThe night of Monday to Tuesday turned out for Paris Hilton really robust, even by the high standards of socialites, reports the Daily Mail.The heiress to a hotel Empire has demonstrated a great endurance by visiting per night for four hot spots in Los Angeles, including lesbian bar Falcon on sunset Boulevard.In bar Paris appeared as the brunette after the party on the occasion of the awards Screen Actors Guild in the company of several friends. After that, its a fun night continued in the Hyde club, and ended in the school LAX.This is the second time this month, when Paris visited Falcon. The last time she celebrated the premiere of the fifth season of the lesbian television series the L World. That night, witnesses saw Paris in the company of the stars of the show Catherine Monnig with which she went under the handle.About lesbian tendencies Paris a lot of rumors at the time of her hot and passionate friendship with a fallen star Britney Spears. Talked about what girlfriends spend nights together, but soon Britney on the advice of his Manager turned away from Paris and for a long time they do not communicate. Source: Paris Hilton had a wild night in a lesbian bar. Читать полностью -->

Vaikule sprained knee, dancing at the party

Vaikule sprained knee, dancing at the partyTireless lime, famously dancing at the birthday party of a friend, not staggered and fell. All would be fine if the consequences were not serious. 53-year-old singer had to call doctors to the country mansion.As you know, the festival always has fun at the limit of their capabilities. So this time hot drink, the singer broke into a dance. Executing intricate footwork, the singer slipped and fell to the floor in the middle of the Banquet hall.I really slipped - confessed "th" famous Latvian. It was a pain not much, but then I realized what I had done. Читать полностью -->

`The irony of fate 2` has set a record for box office

`The irony of fate 2` has set a record for box officeThe film "Irony of fate. The sequel" Director Timur Bekmambetov has set a record for box office in Russia, CIS and Baltic countries. In 23 days of hire, he collected $ 48.5 million.About this newspaper "Kommersant" with reference to the General Director "the First channel" Konstantin Ernst, who is one of the producers of the film.Earlier in the Russian box was the leader of "night watch" also filmed Bekmambetov, who collected $ 34.9 million dollars."The irony of fate. The continuation is the sequel to one of the most popular Comedy Eldar Ryazanov "the Irony of fate or With easy steam". According to the authors of the picture, the production spent five million dollars, and another 4.5 million was invested in advertising. Just the Irony of fate 2", which appeared on the screens on 20 December 2007, was watched by more than eight million people. Читать полностью -->

Milder depression Sasha Savelieva

Milder depression Sasha SavelievaThe soloist of group "Factory" Sasha Savelieva and her partner Sergei sakhnovskij were one of the brightest pairs show "Ice age".However, last Saturday Sasha dropped out of the project. According to the girl, parting with skating caused her mild depression.I Savelieva and sakhnovskij had good chances to win. It a shame they both had to leave the "Ice age". However, his departure Sasha reacted calmly and with a smile."Even though I stayed in the project "Ice age" a little over a month, during this time, figure skating has become very mean a lot to me, " says Sasha. - After training on the ice was almost all my time outside of work in the group. I always liked to watch the competitions, I was proud of our skaters and their high level of training. Читать полностью -->

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